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My Response to Brendon Urie

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Video ID : sQaIg5tYocE
Durasi : 0:15:20
Diupload : 11 January 2019
Tayang : 275.568
Like : 24.397
Dislike : 100
Oleh : Tristan Paredes (242 Video)
Pelanggan : 1.458.751
Tayangan : 151.826.982
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Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco reacting to me reacting to him in Pop Crush's video of his best live vocals. Subscribe to Brendon Urie on Twitch:

Snapchat: tristanparedes

Singing & Karaoke Discord:
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Komentar Terbaru

I saw him in concert yesterday and he is so amazing live! It was one of the best nights of my life. (12 January 2019)
Catleesi 99
Tristan fangirling to Brendon Urie 15 minutes straight (19 January 2019)
SH Nightmares
They are two cute chill buddies ^~^ (19 January 2019)
I love seeing people get mushy after seeing or hearing their idol. Literally I couldn’t stop smiling cause both of you were adorable and Brendon totally was open to hearing comments. He’s one of the legends that doesn’t disagree with his sound but he’s open to criticism and learns from it. Love him, love him reacting to you 😭❤️ (19 January 2019)
F_S Ivarsson
Please do a reaction to Luke Hemmings best vocals (19 January 2019)
Fatua Storm
that ending omfg Tristan you're such a fanboy and I love you (19 January 2019)
Alphabetically Emo.
i watched this, smiled the whole time..

watched it again as a try not to smile and failed..

then watched it again, smiling until my face came off (19 January 2019)
i'm glad i watched this 🍜 (19 January 2019)
Randy Gillett
I wish you hadn't skipped over the part where he asked for clarification on a comment!! (19 January 2019)
Rowan Jones
This is 15 mins of Brendon and Tristan being adorable (19 January 2019)

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